PASSION (from the Latin verb patior, meaning to suffer or to endure) is an emotion applied to a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for something. The term is also often applied to a lively or eager interest in or admiration for a proposal, cause, or activity or love.
STYLE is the planning that lays the basis for the making of every object or system. It can be used both as a noun and as a verb and, in a broader way, it means applied arts and engineering.
CARE means serious attention; solicitude; heed; caution; protection; charge; temporary keeping, as for the benefit of or until claimed by the owner.


mercoledì 2 dicembre 2009


Ogni giorno c'è da fare qualcosa di nuovo, c'è da creare quello che non esiste in commercio. Ho deciso di posizionare le frecce al posto del vecchio clacson su una Sporty, sotto il canotto di sterzo, ai lati dei due tubi del telaio. Subito "The Creech" prende in mano la saldatrice e sorride. Ci siamo letti nel pensiero ed in poco tempo ecco risolto il problema. Una staffa unica fatta su misura, perfettamente efficiente ed in sintonia col mezzo. Quello che manca lo creiamo. Artisti del metallo. E godo immensamente a plasmare questi matriali a volte con forza, ma sempre con precisione e delicatezza, metallo contro metallo, con attezzi pesanti, col potere del fuoco.
Every day there's something new going on, something we need to create because it just doesn't exist. I decided to place a couple of front turn signals on a Sportster right below the triple tree on the frame where there used to be the old clacson. Immediately "The Creech" takes the welder and smiles. We read eachother minds and in a few minutes we solve the problem. A brand new turn signal bracket. What doesn't exist we create. Metal artists. And you cannot imagine what pleasure it is to mold these metal parts, sometimes with strenght, but always precise and delicate, steel meets steel, with the hammer and the anvil, and with the power of fire.

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