PASSION (from the Latin verb patior, meaning to suffer or to endure) is an emotion applied to a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for something. The term is also often applied to a lively or eager interest in or admiration for a proposal, cause, or activity or love.
STYLE is the planning that lays the basis for the making of every object or system. It can be used both as a noun and as a verb and, in a broader way, it means applied arts and engineering.
CARE means serious attention; solicitude; heed; caution; protection; charge; temporary keeping, as for the benefit of or until claimed by the owner.


sabato 1 settembre 2012


28 Agosto 2012. Ritorno a casa, in solitaria, e dalla parte giusta. Altre otto ore on the road.
Passo Campo Carlo Magno mt. 1681
Passo del Tonale mt. 1883
Passo del Gavia mt. 2621
Passo del Foscagno mt. 2291
Passo dell'Eira mt. 2208
Passo della Forcola mt. 2315
Passo del Bernina mt. 2323
Passo del Maloja mt. 1815
E rientro sul lungolago di Lecco senza una macchina. Spettacolo!
August 28th 2012. Time to go back home, all alone, through the right way. Another eight hours.
Campo Carlo Magno Pass mt. 1681
Tonale Pass mt. 1883
Gavia Pass mt. 2621
Foscagno Pass mt. 2291
Eira Pass mt. 2208
Forcola Pass mt. 2315
Bernina Pass mt. 2323
Maloja Pass mt. 1815
And then one last nice ride along the Lake of Lecco with no traffic at all. Priceless!

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