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giovedì 26 maggio 2011


Spero non vi salti in mente di stringere troppo l'innesto del cavo della frizione. Se dicono di non farlo un motivo c'è. Eccolo! Filetto spezzato, un litro d'olio per terra e la primaria a secco. Così mi sono divertito a smontare il carter e ad estrarre il vecchio filetto con un apposito estrattore. Ovviamente non potevo resistere ed ho montato un nuovissimo cavo Barnett Stealth in treccia d'acciaio rivestita in gomma nera.
I hope you will never tighten too much the clutch cable into the primary box. They always warn you not to do it and this is the reason. The screw broke, a quart of oil on the floor and the primary dry. So I had some fun disassembling the primary box and extracting the broken screw with a special extractor. I finished the job installing a brand new Barnett Stealth cluth cable.

3 commenti:

  1. Hello,
    I don't understand your language (I would guess it's Italian ?) but the pics speak for themselves, I had the same problem on my 2008 XL883 and I found a solution that looked easier to apply :
    You can remove the footpeg instead of the whole cover and work pretty easily on the clutch cable just with removing the circular clutch cover. Here is the tutorial I used (even if you don't speak French, pictures are clear enough, especially for someone who has already dirtied his hands in this area of the bike) http://samourai21.over-blog.com/article-17081089.html
    It's just about changing the cable when it's old, not when it has been broken like yours or mine. The technique I used to remove the broken part from the primary cover was to use a carpenter's tool that looks like a screw driver with a sharp point instead of the normal end (wikipedia calls it "Punzonatura" in Italian), I put it in front of the hole, punched it inside and by turning slowly I could get the broken screwed partof the clutch cable outside of the cover. After that you know how to put on a new one...

    I hope your bike works well now !

  2. Hello my friend, first of all, yes we are in Italy, the land of Pizza and Pasta. I took the whole thing off just for the fun of it. It's not such a big deal. The bike wasn't mine. My friend is happy now and he learnt the lesson.
    Thanks for checking in anyway.


    Francesco Crazyoils

  3. Francesco, glad to see you survived the end of the world this past weekend. You rule, friend! Always a busy man!!