PASSION (from the Latin verb patior, meaning to suffer or to endure) is an emotion applied to a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for something. The term is also often applied to a lively or eager interest in or admiration for a proposal, cause, or activity or love.
STYLE is the planning that lays the basis for the making of every object or system. It can be used both as a noun and as a verb and, in a broader way, it means applied arts and engineering.
CARE means serious attention; solicitude; heed; caution; protection; charge; temporary keeping, as for the benefit of or until claimed by the owner.


mercoledì 2 febbraio 2011


Ad ogni domanda c'è una risposta. Ci hanno chiesto se si può mettere una griglia sul fanale di una Night Train. Ci abbiamo pensato qualche minuto ed ecco trovata la soluzione. Ci è bastato acquistare una ghiera allungata che si protende oltre la lente del faro e saldarci sopra una griglia opportunamente tagliata e piegata. Ma non solo, abbiamo dovuto ingegnarci per trovare il modo di fissare la ghiera alla calotta del faro. Un attacco tutto diverso. Costruita una piattina in acciaio, piegata e forata, l'abbiamo a sua volta saldata all'interno della calotta. Ed ecco risolto il nostro problema. Semplice, veloce, divertente. Una bella verniciata a polvere ed il faro originale del Night Train si trasforma in qualcosa di unico.
There's an answer to every question. They asked us if it was possible to create a guard for a Night Train headlight. It took us two minutes to think about it and then we had the solution. We bought an extended trim that naturally goes over the lens of the headlight and then we welded a grill on it that has been cut and shaped to fit inside the trim. The second problem was to find a way to fasten the trim to the shell. So we cut a small steel plate, molded and drilled it and we welded it on the inner bottom side of the shell. That's it. Simple, quick and fun. Now all the parts will be powdercoated and here there is a new one of a kind original Night Train headlight.

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