PASSION (from the Latin verb patior, meaning to suffer or to endure) is an emotion applied to a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for something. The term is also often applied to a lively or eager interest in or admiration for a proposal, cause, or activity or love.
STYLE is the planning that lays the basis for the making of every object or system. It can be used both as a noun and as a verb and, in a broader way, it means applied arts and engineering.
CARE means serious attention; solicitude; heed; caution; protection; charge; temporary keeping, as for the benefit of or until claimed by the owner.


lunedì 8 novembre 2010


Ancora leve forate. Questa volta però abbiamo volutamente mantenuto la colorazione alluminio dopo averla passata con una bella carta a grana fine per darle un aspetto quasi vellutato. Ovviamente il proprietario ne era entusiasta.
More drilled levers. This time we kept them with the original aluminum color. We only sanded it with a very fine paper to give it that extre velvet touch. Their owners was stoked for just that simple mod.

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  1. Complimenti! Questo si' che e' design...pezzo unico di qualita'..grazie!!!!